Saturday, March 21, 2009


Capitalism is defeating itself as Marx said it would by over-production. It is defeating itself in that it does not recognize a finite world, and it made impossible assumptions about effective demand for its revenue maximization schemes which reached its zenith (our nadir) in the supply-side economics fiasco of the last generation.

All the Obama/Geithner grand larceny will not save the dying, almost dead Capitalist system.

Will there be any pieces left for us to pick up after Capitalism deteriorates to nothing but barbarian piracy?

I lean toward anarcho-syndicalism because I view the objective of the working people and the indigent and the infirm as forming an economic democracy that adheres to the old adage, "by those according to their abilities, for those according to their needs".

But I have serious doubts that we have and will have the skills and abilities and the access to resources to succeed. A big part of the problem is that the Capitalist modes of production are not sustainable, either economically or with respect to natural resources. Therefore, simply taking over the means of production will not nearly be good enough. We must also radically change the way resources are allocated to and within communities, and among and within the various economic sectors.

Mondragon and Sunkist and others are mutualists trapped within the Capitalist hegemony. Others such as New Harmony (there were others but I can't think of the names specifically), often referred to as utopian experiments, tried to form self-sufficient cooperative communitarian enclaves, but found themselves trapped by Capitalism in a different way; they found that in the evolution of human "civilization" and because of the demands of the dominant "culture" that most people can no longer exist in isolated communities (possible exceptions being encroached upon in the Amazon Rain Forest, perhaps).

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