Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Status Report with Respect to "Transition US" Efforts


I don't want to disparage the great work that you and others have done at supplying us with this great set of tools. While the server hardware and software and the user software has been exceptional, the content of the transition movement has been terribly disappointing.

Though it ain't over 'til it's over, I draw the very real parallel to the super-nova ascendancy of what I always suspected and have been getting continuous evidence of what I call Barack Obama's Presidency, "the Great False Hope" and the disappointments met with this effort.

True, we have rid ourselves of one of the most despotic tyrants of all time, but the euphoria and popular activity that surrounded such replacement was bound to be a let down to those of us that are certain that the Democratic Party is nothing more than the socially Liberal Wing of the Capitalist Party.

The issue is that Capitalism is dying and soon to be dead. Will we be able to transition to an equitable, humane, sustainable, peaceful world socialism before the Capitalists destroy the future for everyone?

Until Barack Obama, and the rest of us, accepts and promotes the principles and the strategies necessary to realize such a true TRANSITION, the Capitaliists and their thugs, the United States of America, will drag the world down and fast, and we just don't have the time.

We need to unite behind a leader, and Barack Obama is the legitimized leader of over 300 million people, who mostly take much too much of their share of the worlds' resources, play cut-throat economic games, and are represented by a Government that is so seriously out-of-touch with the reality of their people and why that reality exists, and have the extreme audacity to think and propagandize that they control some "God" given right to impose Global Manifest Destiny for a Capitalist elite.

I am frustrated that I don't have Obama's confidence (because he is a superb spokesman, and seems like a very decent kid who would understand if he had the proper advisors) and I am frustrated by the lack of understanding, the trivia that supercedes that understanding, and the lack of popular support that I get both on-line and off.

But thanks for the great work that you are attempting.

Let's keep trying!

As Jesse Jackson used to chant, "Keep hope alive"!

Mike Morin
Jefferson Westside Neighborhood
Eugene, OR, USA
Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan area
Willamette Valley WatershedPacific NW (Cascadia)
Planet Earth
(541) 343-3808

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