Sunday, March 8, 2009

With Respect to "Transition United States" Website Initiative and "Movement"

Until we all recognize that none of this will succeed unless we explicitly call for the rapid mobiilization to a Socialist economy, the Transition United States website will probably remain little more than self-congratulory phony Liberal chit-chat and diversion.

We were hip and advocating all the "technical" aspects, being discussed now over thirty years ago (some of them like PVs, windpower, hydrogen, collectively known as "appropriate technology" are in reality a lot of false hope).

A lot of us knew, at the time, that it wouldn't happen under the oppressive ignorance of the Capitalist system, but some (I was young and naive), if not many, thought that we were heading calmly and slowly towards Socialism and peace and conservation and demand-side management and solar water heating and passive solar design and towards self-sufficiency in food, popular gardening, and REAL organic agriculture (not the lies in labeling Marketing ploys of unscrupulous Capitalists), and we thought we had a future.

Then came "the Reagan Revolution" and "supply-side economics". Reagan unleashed greed. It will probably prove to be the beginning of the final end to the Capitalist absurdity based on the total denial of a finite real planet of resources and the notion that it's OK to cut your brother's throat, if there's money in it. Many good lives were ruined both domestically and abroad, and Kissinger's "detente" turned out to be Reagan stabbing Gorbachev in the back.

US and associated Capitalists had a great transient boom. Now, here's the bust.

But, we remember.

I'd like to see a peaceful transition to an equitable, humane, sustainable planet with a quality of life for everyone, especially the progeny, but the gluttons of the USA, with their ignorant, individualistic (read selfishness), nationalist ("the remaining "Superpower" :-P) notion of Global Manifest Destiny raised hell and we are now going to pay for it. In their typical style they will try to damn everyone else, first.

Thanks USAers! Thanks Capitalists! Can anyone cue up George Harrison's song "Piggies"?

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