Monday, March 2, 2009

In My View (Macro-economics)

Marx thought that it would be a process of overthrowing the government(s) and setting up a State controlled economic system that would modify Capitalism according to the labor theory of value, workers' councils, etc. and educate the masses, some if not many, who were already hip to the oppression of the Feudal/Mercantile/Capitalist domination and the cooperative communitarian/socialist/Communist desirable alternative, but at significant disadvantage relative to the opportunity costs of an arms race, and disadvantage relative to the superior resource base held by the USA and his allies (not because of the superiority of Capitalism, but because of the unique opportunity of an advanced Western Industrial "civilization" to rape a virgin landscape (the Americas)).

Class struggle in the Soviet Union and the Peoples' Republic was necessary, because as Marx identified, it has always been an issue of "class" struggle (i.e. aristocratic and bourgeois oppression and uprisings against such). It was necessary to fight fire with fire and the Capitalists never forgave the Communists for beating them at their own game. But violence begets violence and becomes a modus operandi of the violent, thus the accusations of oppression of personal liberties within the Communist systems.

The Capitalists have always been in control and along with over-reactionary and under-reported slaughter and imprisonment techniques, use more subtle techniques of violence such as propaganda (i.e. the freedom of the press belongs to those that own one). When the Soviet system relapsed, the American led Capitalists claimed permanent victory and incorporated such into their educational and media systems.

Now, we find an over-confident dying Capitalist war, and economic machine, making a last stand in Iraq and Afghanistan, and worldwide, respectively. We see a terrible over-supply with diminishing to no effective demand in the USA for their "free-traded" products and services and a gluttonous surge to strip the planet and all its inhabitants of the dwindling fossil fuel (and other) resources. That is, American Capitalism has a terrible over-demand problem with a finite worldwide diminishing supply.

Tensions are mounting, although the Capitalist ruling class wants thee all to think that there is little to no organized resistance. And they may be right. They are willing to commit multiple genocides, ecocide, and suicide to feed the gluttonous beast that they have created.

I don't think that we can defeat the USA Military/Police/Prison/Propaganda Complex, at least not stateside (I am writing from Eugene, Oregon, USA). We can cheer for the hastening of the downfall of Capitalism and their Fascist allies, but I don't cherish the thought of what it will be like when the system implodes to the point of no return, or we can speak and write as if some rational Chief Capitalist (Obama?) was listening and appeal to "them" to recognize that Capitalism is dead and we need to begin right away to build a better system from within.

I have a rather comprehensive socialist plan with a mission based on peace, equity, humanity, quality of life, and sustainability based on strategies of neighborhood/inter-community/inter-regional/worldwide ecological economic planning, reallocation and redevelopment. Fundamental to such is the reforming of financial systems.

You can view my work at and/or we can discuss the various aspects and strategies for making it real in this discussion group.

I'm a Work kin for peace and cooperation.

With much love and care,

Mike Morin

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