Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's Going On? Bring Some Understanding...

You may be surprised at how many, who are Capitalists, or concur with the apparent success of Capitalism, especially in the USA (I argue that it had more to do with technological "Western Civilization" raping a virgin landscape), would identify with the heritage and tenets of the "Labor Movement" and those of socialism, if the argument is presented to the audience correctly.

There is a phrase that I made up, it's "the Capitalistization of the Working Class". For example, a propertyless worker works hard and smart and saves enough to start his/her own business. It is more myth than reality, but it has happened, and can still happen (although I would submit to you that in today's USA, it is approaching impossibility). It is also the investment of pension funds.

With regards to my reference to "materialism heaven", what I was referring was the destructive Capitalist statistic "standard of living" which drives people to define happiness by how much they consume, how many things they own, and the ostensible status of those things. I suggest that we educate folks towards a "quality of life" for all, based on cooperation, rather than "standard of living" based on cut-throat competition.

"Quality of life" includes personal happiness for self, family, friends, neighbors, and all others. It includes ownership opportunities for all and everybuddy having the things they need, including health, healthy and loving relations with family, friends, neighbors, and all the people of the world. It includes peace on earth, and it includes a future for all the children of the world.

The Moslem concept of heaven was material wealth. Not opulence and ostentation, but because Mohammed was a leader of the poor and the oppressed, material wealth meant having the things a family and community needs to be happy. Marx's "dialectical materialism" is a similar concept, I think.

And I'm not suggesting transforming the status quo into a "utopian Capitalism". I differentiate socialism from Capitalism thus:

The difference between socialism and Capitalism is that in Socialism resources are allocated for the social/economic betterment of all people, in Capitalism money is invested for the profit (the financial betterment) of the individual or a relative few (or many, but still relatively few, when United Capitalist States dominate the politics of life and death).

It is not baseless flaming to see and tell of the disgusting opulence and ostentation of the citizens of the United States (Capitalists) ignoring and/or throwing crumbs to the poor amongst them and abroad.

World Unity!

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