Tuesday, March 24, 2009

With Regards to Capitalists, An Open Letter to the World from a US Worker

To the People and the Government(s):

Save, Save, Save...not spend, spend, spend

Save that 1.2 trillion, we're going to need it to start over to participate in a world economy that is based on inclusion, quality of life, humanity, equity, sustainability, and peace.

All the U.S. Government should do regarding the banking and investment situation is honor their deposit insurance "obligations", pay unemployment insurance to displaced workers, and let them and others affected apply for food stamps and SSI.

This dysfunctional Capitalist system needs to be fundamentally rearranged. The suicidal, ecocidal, genocidal, opulent, ostentatious "standard of living" supply side machine based on unabashed greed is failing, and throwing more money at a dysfunctional and inequitable economic system is not only outrageous but is destined to fail.

Let the greedy Capitalist class who thought that they could invest their way to materialism heaven, learn their lesson the hard way and join us that have learned and want to teach a quality of life based on a modest earned income and shared wealth. Let them join the working class and let them mingle.

Let them join us in a unified world socialism. We will welcome them, if they are honest hard-working brothers and sisters with good intentions and love for humankind, all youth and children of the world, and future generations.

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