Friday, March 6, 2009

Revolution versus Reform

If "we" were to have a (violent or relatively non-violent) revolution, and win, it would most certainly be a pyrrhic victory, just as Capitalism's ongoing oppression, recalcitrance to the needs of the majority, active aggression, ignorance, and its downright irrationality, inhumanity, inequity, and its propensity to horribly squander resources, including people, will prove to be the end for them, sooner than they may think.

If we were to have a takeover of, let's say, the United States Government, would "we" (and who the hell would we be, and how would it be determined who "we" are, and even if it could be, what would be the hierarchy within our decision-making apparatus?) have an effective program to rearrange the economy to a socialist one of our ideals?

Socialism is an economic system first. It is the control of governments by Capitalists, and problems associated with nationalism, that make it a political struggle. The political system in the USA has reached the point of total absurdity.

My suggestion is that we make cooperation, humanity, equity, quality of life, peace, and sustainability as the underlying values and principles of our mission. I further suggest that our strategy be one of local/inter-community/inter-regional worldwide solidarity and cooperation.

If we could educate and organize worldwide as to a workable transition from the Capitalist status quo to a realistic socialist alternative, we may have some chance at success.

We (everyone) have nothing to lose, except the hopelessness with respect to our future.

Mike Morin

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