Friday, March 27, 2009

Response to Obama's Video to Iran


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the smiling face of imperialism/capitalism - what do they want to buy[steal] from Iran?

OIL, silly, and they want to build a pipeline across and they want to convert Iran into an "emerging market". They want to extend credit (usury), they want Iran to be under the heels of the IMF and associates.

Although a great improvement in STYLE relative to Private George War Bushitler, and offering conciliation IF the Iranians accede to the Capitalist and US dominance, it seems disingenuous rather than blatant like O'bomber's predecessor.

It is a smooth talking continuation of American World Manifest Destiny (WMD) policy since the Capitalist/American overthrow of Moresaddiq. The Iranian Americans that he touts are most likely predominantly of the Capitalist class associated and sympathetic to the Shah and what he bent over for.

There was no apology by O'bombers for those past transgressions against the Iranian people and continued WMD policies. No cooperative overture to have different policy and actions based on changed intentions and principles.

He wants Iranians to mark their holidays, "gift giving", by maximizing shopping, spending, and borrowing, to "stimulate" dysfunctional and exploitative Capitalism.

Obama is patronizing and hypocritical when he speaks of Iranian leaders' lack of responsibility relative to "terror" and the allocation of armaments. Such should be obvious relative to Capitalist/American aggression in Palestine/Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

He's a great speaker, but does he have a mind of his own? Is his Imperialist complicity a function of his lack of courage or his lack of principles or his gullibility and lack of knowledge and understanding, or some combination of all those (and others)?


  1. Capitalism does not advocate aggression. In fact, in order for capitalism to function optimally, no aggression need be present (as well as no government).

    Socialism on the other hand operates with intensive coercion. How else do you collect taxes? Without the State possessing armaments to punish tax evaders, how else could you have an involuntary tax system? What claim exactly does the State have on your property, or in this case, money? If I take your house because you fail to pay off the credit card I gave you, the benefits of bankruptcy kick in and you are protected. If the government takes you out of your house, they do so with their protection of the tax code to justify their actions. I find it ironic you resent barbaric US foreign policy, yet you subscribe to theft by the government.

    Vance Christensen

  2. Vance,

    I disagree.

    Nothing is that white and black.

    People are animals and naturally aggressive (especially the males). We should understand the aggression in ourselves and try to mitigate it (I was going to say temper, but the most common understanding of that word would imply anger and anger is counter-productive), and understand it in others and try to reach understanding with everyone we meet.

    Here's how I distinguish Capitalism from socialism (which you misunderstand, look into anarcho-syndicalism, otherwise known as Libertarian Socialism):

    The difference between socialism and Capitalism is that in Socialism resources are allocated for the social/economic betterment of all people, in Capitalism money is invested for the profit (the financial betterment) of the individual or a relative few (or many, but still relatively few, when United Capitalist States dominate the politics of life and death).

    I'd be glad to continue this discussion, so that we can reach understanding, live together in harmony, and work together in concert. ;-)

    Read more of my web log (blog), if you can find the time.

    Thank you for the communication.

    I look forward to hearing back from you. I want US to reach understanding, and I care, very much.


    Mike Morin