Monday, March 2, 2009

In My View (Micro-economics)

A question was posited to me whether or not direct payments to citizens would be better than Obama's "stimulus" package?

I'd say, that if we did such a thing, the amount of money to be dispersed to each individual should be related to each individual's need. But, that would be impossible to determine and administer.

I favor a small guaranteed income for all individuals (Social Security for everybuddy), increasing with age. Such would help us transition to an economic system that would provide more of a "living wage" for everyone.W

hich brings me back to financial systems reform. Think about the unfair racket that the current Federal Reserve System embodies. The Treasury makes loans through a huge bureaucracy to investor-owned banks who then loan money to others on usurious terms. Wouldn't it be better to have the Treasury make direct payments to workers who are planning and implementing an economic system of neighborhood/inter-community/inter-regional (and worldwide) ecological economic redevelopment with the mission of peace, equity, humanity, sustainability, and quality of life. (Eventually, I envision one world currency).

On the local level, distressed communities would be favored to not only help individuals with the guaranteed income, but additionally, instead of a "sou-sou" payment matching savings with government funding to an individual, an equity fund payment to a community trust fund, a neighborhood equity union fund payment based on criteria to be determined, probably most effectively the community need for such balanced with the various individuals' successes at saving in lieu of wasteful spending.

Such an effort would be concurrent with assistance for the disadvantaged at establishing businesses which benefit the community. I emphasize inter-community cooperation because small businesses and start-ups are at such fundamental disadvantage relative to Corporate Capitalist Conglomerates and individuals with generations of equity, and diversity of holdings. Community service businesses are also at a huge disadvantage to Capitalist enterprises that eschew social/environmental goals.

This is part of the reason why I make the argument for fundamental financial systems reform, because I don't believe that Capitalist and Socialist business can co-exist. Because of their lack of ethics and/or pre-existing portfolios of skills and/or holdings, Capitalists will always prevail over socialist endeavors created to assist the poor.

The horrendous inflation relative to the bidding up costs of real and capital assets that have sky-rocketed with the onset and recent history of supply-side economics further aggravates the situation relative to start-up business opportunities for the poor.

It comes down to EVERYBUDDY working together in a common mission of peace, equity, humanity, quality of life, and sustainability.

Mike Morin

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