Monday, March 16, 2009

Impossible Consensus


A World Equity Union would join all the peoples of the world holding equity and assets into a common unity group, one with a mission of peace, equity, humanity, quality of life and sustainability, and committed to concomitant community/inter- community/ inter-regional and worldwide planning and redevelopment, and would be fundamentally associated with Socialist elected community and regional planning boards and a world Policy and Planning Committee.

An equity union would remove the usurious interest arrangements, and exploitative equity trading institutions. The modus operandi would be equity sharing.

Neighborhood Equity Union branches would allocate funds to worker and worker/community hybrid cooperatives. A basic policy of the Union of Neighborhood Equity Unions would be to target poorer neighborhoods for "investment" , thus redistributing wealth in a manner that is consistent with the tenets of Socialism.

A Peoples Equity Union may not be Socialism, by your definition, but it is not Capitalism. The goal of funded cooperatives would be not-for-profit and sometimes non-profit community improvement enterprises. They would not be for-profit individual enriching entitities as under a Capitalist system.

If we could get that far, whether or not it would be "textbook" socialism or not would be irrelevant. It would be a great improvement relative to the status quo. You and others could try to envisage how to work within such a reformed financial system to reach your goals of Socialism.

What is the alternative? Continue with the current banking, insurance, and equity trading financial relationships?


Mike Morin

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